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Office Moving Checklist: Essential Tips to Keep in Mind

Considering that you want your business to run uninterrupted, office moving is a task that involves plenty of preparation and planning.

Whether you’re moving to a larger office or a co-working space, relocating your working space is a transformational event for any company. There is excitement in conducting business in a new location or moving to an upgraded office. However, before the excitement settles in, there is the task of moving that has to be done. Considering that you want your business to run uninterrupted, office moving is a task that involves plenty of preparation and planning. If you’re considering moving your entire office, keep the following tips in mind!

Set-Up a Move Team

Office moving is a huge project that requires a lot of coordination for it to work. Begin by appointing a moving team with each department represented and headed by your office project manager to help take care of the moving process. The project manager should have good communication and organizational skills. Having a moving team that will ensure that even the smallest details that could go unnoticed are taken care of is huge. Another good solution would be to hire a professional waste removal and hauling company to help you with this project.

Dispose of Waste

Anything in your office that is worn-down and at the end of its life cycle should be disposed of properly. This includes electronics, which can be recycled with the Atlantic Waste Group’s assistance and their dumpster rental services.

Have Your New Office Ready

You don’t want the operations to stop once you get to the new spot. That is why the new office should be ready even before you arrive. Ensure that the water, phone, electricity, and other utilities are all working properly before the move-in date. A visit to your new office should be done way ahead of time to measure out the space to figure out the layout. This will help you determine whether you’ll need to order new furniture or if you can bring in the ones from your old office that you did not dispose of.


Make sure that you communicate early about the move to everybody involved in your company. Inform the staff early and invite any helpful suggestions that they might have. This way, you will feel more involved in the process and at the same time have them feel more valued. Inform the customers and suppliers of your moving process. This will help clarify how their contract will look after the move.

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